The first step to being seen by the Winnipeg Spine Program is having your family doctor send a referral to us.

Have you been referred but still haven't received an appointment? If you have been referred to the Spine Program,  once your referral is received, it will be triaged to a surgeon or you may be seen by the Spine Assessment Clinic. Once you have been triaged to a specific clinic, the clinic will give you a call when they have an appointment date for you. Expect excessive delays due to an extremely high volume of referrals.

If you would like to confirm that your referral was received, you can call 204-787-7267 or email us at winnipegspineprogram@umanitoba.caIf you  have confirmed that your referral was received, we ask that you do not continue to call to check on the status of your referral. You will be contacted as soon as you have an appointment date. If your condition is getting worse, we recommend that you visit your family physician or an emergency room.


Clinic Appointments

In preparation for your clinic appointment, please have your Manitoba Health Card with you at every appointment

Parking: There are a number of parkades located around the hospital. Please see 'Parking Lot Addresses' form below.


Spine Assessment Clinic: If you were contacted and have an appointment with the Spine Assessment Clinic, you will be seen in 'Clinic E' in the purple bear zone.See 'HSC Hallway Map' below for directions.  


Neurosurgery Clinic: If you have an appointment with Drs. Berrington, Dhaliwal or Hawryluk, you will be seen in the Neurosurgery clinic located in the green owl zone. See 'HSC Hallway Map'  for directions.  

Clinic  D, Desk #2: If you have an appointment with Drs. Johnson, Goytan or Zarrabian, you will be seen in 'Clinic D' at Desk #2 located in the purple bear zone on the main floor of the Health Sciences Centre. See 'HSC Hallway Map'  for directions.

Braces and Collars:

Braces and collars are available through the following providers:

Diamond Athletics at Pan Am Clinic (1-800-781-9127 or 204-488-7820).

Winnipeg Prosthetics and Orthotics (204-233-3942).



Pre Anesthesia Clinic: PAC is located in 'Clinic E' (yellow desk) in the purple bear zone, see 'HSC-Hallway Map' below.


Surgery: Information documents on preparing for surgery and post surgery care can be found below.

If you have any URGENT questions or concerns after your surgery, please call:

                       Patient of Dr. Johnson:  Sherie - 204-787-4581

                       Patient of Dr. Goytan or Dr. Zarrabian: Tanis- 204-787-1484

                       Patient of Dr. Dhaliwal : Susan- 204-787-7193

                       Patient of Dr. Berrington or Dr. Hawryluk: Deb - 204-787-7272


Patient Relations Services: or 204-787-2704.


If you are referring a patient to the Winnipeg Spine Program, please fill out all sections of the form below with as much detail as possible and include all relevant imaging to help us triage the patient appropriately. The referral can be faxed to us at 204-783-7356.

For urgent patient related questions, please contact the Spine surgeon on call by calling HSC paging at 204-787-2071.